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Project Phoenix: The traditional JRPG, rebooted

Project Phoenix

It’s still in pre-production and is not expected to arrive until June 2015, but I would like to introduce you to Project Phoenix – a JRPG with squad based RTS game design for PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux), Playstation 4 and Vita, iOS and Android. I’ll let the game’s creators briefly describe what this game is all about:

Project Phoenix is a sprawling adventure in which you explore a vast, rich land and do battle against formidable enemies. The gameplay eschews micromanagement in favour of a focused Real Time Strategy system enhanced by JRPG elements. You can level your characters and teach them new abilities but at the same time they behave intelligently when you are not controlling them directly.

Project Phoenix

Combat (as shown in the concept image of in-game combat above) uses a point and click system to control the party of heroes, each of which has different abilities they can use in battle that use up either mana or stamina.

There are also three conditions which may be taken advantage of in combat – terrain, fog of war, and threat management. Terrain, for example, includes height advantages, destructible elements to damage or slow down foes, and movement advantages in different types of terrain for certain characters.

It was initially up on Kickstarter and it looks really interesting (and extremely cute). I thought the following was the best value for what you get (but that was probably just because I really wanted a physical copy of the artbook and that ‘detailed’ cloth map!):

Project Phoenix

Artisan Rewards

A digital download copy of the game; Early Bird Alpha and Closed Beta access; downloadable copies of the making-of documentary, soundtrack, and the art book; in-game Shadow Phoenix Hatchling that can be used as a mount upon game completion; physical Collector’s Edition of the game including DVD versions of the game along with a game guide, a making-of DVD, a detailed cloth map, a Soundtrack DVD, and a code to redeem in-game Wings of the Fallen; and a physical copy of the limited edition art book.

Visit the Project Phoenix Official Website to support this game’s development or to find out more information.

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