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Local Authority Rating

The local authority rating portrays the attitude of a particular town towards the company and is another important element to consider as a low rating can limit some player actions. For example, to place a station, the company must have a minimum rating of -200 (Poor). The brackets and their ranges can be seen in the table to the right, which also shows the minimum and maximum ratings possible, -1000 and 1000 respectively.

Rating points Rating
-1000 to -400 Appalling
-399 to -200 Very Poor
-199 to 0 Poor
0 to 200 Mediocre
201 to 400 Good
401 to 600 Very Good
601 to 800 Excellent
801 to 1000 Outstanding

This rating starts at +500 and can change based on some actions, as shown in the table below.

Player action Required rating* Effect on rating
Build a station -200 n/a
Destroy an ‘edge’ piece of road 16 / 64 / 112 -18, down to -100.
Destroy an ‘inner’ piece of road 16 / 64 / 112 -50, down to -100.
Destroy a city tunnel or bridge 144 / 208 / 400 -250, down to 0.
Destroy building** 40 to 300 -40 to -300
Plant tree on clear square n/a +7, up to 220.
Clear a tile with trees n/a -35
Successful bribe n/a +200, up to 800.
Unsuccessful bribe n/a Set to -50.
* “Required rating” is listed for the settings Permissive/Neutral/Hostile of the difficulty option “City council attitude towards area restructuring”.
** This is in relation to the default buildings. NewGRFs can set this number from 0 to >1000, which effectively makes the building un-removable.

Each month players’ ratings automatically change:

  • Rating goes up by 5 if it is less than 200.
  • Rating goes up by 12 for each station that has transferred cargo in the last 50 days.
  • Rating goes down by 15 for each station that has not transferred cargo in the last 50 days.

For example, if a player currently has a rating of -300 (Very Poor), two active stations, and one inactive station at a town, their rating will increase as per the formula below until one of the three conditions changes.

5pts + (2 × 12pts) – (1 × 15pts) = +14pts points/month