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So once we’ve clicked on Generate and have been brought into the game world, the screen we now see is where all of our business conduct will happen for the entirety of the game. Start off by pausing the game, either by clicking on the pause button to the very left of the menu bar, or by pressing F1 on the keyboard.

OpenTTD: Game start

First, let’s quickly go over the menu bar. If we hover our mouse on a button for two seconds, a tool-tip will appear to explain what the button does. Some of the buttons have menus under them which can be accessed by holding down the left mouse button, moving the mouse down the menu, and then releasing it on the option we want.

OpenTTD: The toolbar

As you can see here, the menu bar is split up into a number of sections, and the function of each button in each section is as described below.

Game controls

  • OpenTTD: Pause button Pause button: Toggles game-play pause on/off.
  • OpenTTD: Fast Forward button Fast Forward button: Increases the speed of game-play.
  • OpenTTD: Options button Options button: Accesses the options menu: game options, difficulty settings, advanced settings, and graphics options.
  • OpenTTD: Save / Load button Save / Load button: Accesses the save-load menu: save game, load game, abandon game (return to the title screen), and quit (close OpenTTD altogether).

Map information

  • OpenTTD: Minimap button Minimap button: Access the world map, the extra viewport, and a list of all the signs on the map.
  • OpenTTD: Town directory Town directory: Access a list of towns and their population.
  • OpenTTD: Subsidies Subsidies: Access a list of subsidies that are being offered and have been awarded to the various companies.
  • OpenTTD: Station list Station list: Access a list of stations built by any player.

Company and industry information

  • OpenTTD: Finances screen button Finances screen button: Access the finances screen of any company.
  • OpenTTD: Company information button Company information button: Access the company information for any company, and have the possibility to share in competitor’s successes by buying shares in their companies.
  • OpenTTD: Graphs button Graphs button: Access various graphs about companies, their performance, and the economy.
  • OpenTTD: Company league table button Company league table button: Access the company league table showing the rankings of the various players.
  • OpenTTD: Industry button Industry button: Access a list of industries and their production, as well as prospecting or funding new industries.

Vehicle information

  • OpenTTD: Train Information Train Information: Access a list of the company’s or competitors’ trains.
  • OpenTTD: Road Vehicle Information Road Vehicle Information: Access a list of the company’s or competitors’ road vehicles.
  • OpenTTD: Ship information Ship information: Access a list of the company’s or competitors’ ships.
  • OpenTTD: Aircraft information Aircraft information: Access a list of the company’s or competitors’ aircraft.


  • OpenTTD: Zoom in button Zoom in button: Zoom in. If the button is disabled, the maximum magnification level has been reached.
  • OpenTTD: Zoom out button Zoom out button: Zoom out. If the button is disabled, the maximum zoom out distance has been reached.


  • OpenTTD: Railroad build button Railroad build button: Access the build tool-bar for railways and stations.
  • OpenTTD: Road build button Road build button: Access the build tool-bar for roads and stations/loading bays. By clicking and holding the Railroad build button, a drop-down appears allowing us to select the rail type that we want to build.
  • OpenTTD: Dock build button Dock build button: Access the build window for docks and canals.
  • OpenTTD: Airport build button Airport build button: Access the build window for airports.
  • OpenTTD: Landscaping button Landscaping button: Access the landscaping tool-bar. The Landscaping button has a drop-down to access the tree and sign placement windows directly, instead of via the landscaping tool-bar.


  • OpenTTD: Jukebox button Jukebox button: Change sound and music settings.
  • OpenTTD: News button News button: Change news and message settings, and access a history of news messages.
  • OpenTTD: Other button Other button: Things that do not fit into other sections: land area information, toggle console, AI debug, screenshot, giant screenshot, and about OpenTTD.