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Talismans are an additional equipment type we can use that does not provide any defence, but does offer extra skill points. It can be very difficult to get the specific Talisman we want, though. The first reason for this is simply because there are so many Talismans out there. If you thought that the list of Decorations was long, the list of all the Talismans you can get is in the tens of thousands (due to the many different combinations of skills they have). The second reason is because the game doesn’t tell us how specific Talismans are dropped/found in the world. If you happen to read the ‘Official’ Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate guide, you will be told that the Talisman you receive when you pick one up is ‘completely random’. However, this is not entirely true. The drops will seem completely random, but they run off a timer within the system which can be figured out.

When it comes to deciding which Talismans are more useful than others, consider this example in which we are fighting a Great Wroggi or a Great Baggi. These are two early game monsters that never really become much of a threat even in G Rank, although the Great Baggi starts to look like he’s a bit too hyped up (due to the obvious speed increase… or maybe something they slipped into his drink). However, the Great Wroggi can be annoying because he can poison us and the Great Baggi can become annoying because he can put us to sleep. Now, we can either get skills which make sure poison or sleep do not affect us, or we could learn to dodge effectively and save those slots for a skill that increases our damage, keeps out weapons sharp for longer, or increases our invulnerability during evasive moves, etc., just something to consider.