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Sword and Shield

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Phecda's Asterism
Damage Type
Weapon Class Multiplier

The Sword and Shield combination utilises a small sword accompanied by a shield that allows the hunter to block many monster attacks and K.O. monsters with a shield bash. Although they deal relatively low damage in one strike, they are very quick, and it is possible to perform fairly long combos. Additionally, many Sword and Shields are infused with Status or Elemental effects such as Poison, Stun, and Sleep, or the Fire, Water, etc. elements that help to compensate for their low attack. As an even greater bonus to convenience, however, the Sword and Shield are the only weapons that make it possible to use items while they are drawn.

Move Multiplier Move Multiplier
Jumping Slash 0.17 Right Slash 0.21
Rising Slash 0.14 Upward Slash 0.17
Downward Slash 0.14 Shield Chop 0.08
Left Slash 0.13 Shield Bash 0.14
SnS Hit – Shield Backhand 0.1 Revolving Slice 0.24
SnS Hit – Downward Slash 0.2 Guard Slash 0.14