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Switch Axe

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: The Crimsidian
Damage Type
Weapon Class Multiplier

Switch Axes are weapons with two modes, the Axe mode and the Sword mode, which the hunter can switch between easily during battle, hence the name being Switch Axe. While the weapon is drawn, the running speed in Axe mode is similar to that of a Long Sword, however, Sword mode’s running speed is similar to the Great Sword. Attack wise, Sword mode is much faster than the Great Sword and can link attacks together in quick combos. While in Sword mode, the weapon will not bounce off a monster’s hide, but can only be sustained for a limited time as indicated by a gauge. Once the gauge had been depleted, it can be reloaded. Sword mode can also use a powerful Burst attack, although this drains the gauge considerably, and has built-in Phials that are automatically activated and cause certain effects, such as Paralysis, or increased Attack power.

Move Multiplier Move Multiplier
Axe Thrust 0.19 Sword Rising Slash 0.28
Axe Overhead Slash 0.46 Sword Side Slash 0.22
Axe Side Slash 0.23 Sword Stab 0.28
Axe Rising Slash 0.32 Power Burst 0.13
Axe Fury – Left Slash 0.24 Power Blast 0.8
Axe Fury – Right Slash 0.24 Power Blast Cancel 0.5
Sword Overhead Slash 0.32