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Weapon Sharpness

It is always a good idea to try out the different weapons before wwe settle for one or a couple. It is easy enough to try them all out as our character starts with a really basic weapon from each Weapon Class. Once we have that, we need a decent weapon from our chosen Weapon Class(es). This is so that we have no worries about bouncing off monsters when we hit certain parts of them, such as the flint stones on Qurupeco’s wings, and so we can do as much damage as possible. We know we are bouncing off something when we swing at something and upon hitting it, our weapon makes a little thunk! sound and we see it bouncing away from what it hit. Not only do attacks that bounce off of a monster’s body deal less damage than normal, these attacks cannot be chained, even into a dodge or roll. As a result, we are left open to monster attacks for the duration of the weapon bounce animation. In order to not have this happen too often, we need a weapon with decent Sharpness, a weapon attribute which has red being the least sharp going all the way up to purple being the most sharp as shown below.

0.25 ELE
0.50 ELE
0.75 ELE
1.0 ELE
1.0625 ELE
1.125 ELE
1.20 ELE

These numbers will soon become important when we start calculating weapon damage. The first number on each colour represents the modifier to the raw attack power of the weapon which is used when calculating damage using the damage formula, a modifier which I will call Sharpness. Similarly, the second number followed by ELE represents the modifier to the elemental attack power of the weapon, a modifier which I will call Elemental Sharpness. In order to understand how these work, I recommend having a look at the various damage calculations: Raw Weapon Damage, Elemental Weapon Damage, and Total Weapon Damage.