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Rare Monster Subspecies

Before we continue, one thing I would like to point out is that there is usually more than one type of a monster. Now, monsters do increase in difficulty when we meet them again in a higher rank of quests, but there is another way that they can vary. These variations are known as subspecies and are usually more rare than the base or normal monster, and they are often much stronger and found a bit later in the game.

For example, I mentioned the Qurupeco and Crimson Qurupeco a moment ago, but there are many others that have subspecies, such as the Rathalos shown below. The Rathalos has two subspecies that we will find in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate — the somewhat stronger, uncommon Azure Rathalos and the even stronger, rare Silver Rathalos.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Rathalos

With subspecies, we will sometimes notice that the element the monster uses or is weak to will change, such as with the case of the Gigginox where the normal one uses the poison and the Baleful Gigginox uses electricity. Another example of an element that a monster uses changing is the normal Agnaktor which uses fire, and the Glacial Agnaktor which uses ice. As a result, these kinds of monsters also have different weaknesses.