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Long Sword

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Stygian Gula
Damage Type
Weapon Class Multiplier

Long Swords are long, slender blades designed for elegant movements. Long Sword users have a gauge that fills up with repeated attacks on a monster which then drains quickly when not attacking. Once the gauge is full, all attacks become more powerful, Spirit Combo attacks are unlocked, and all attacks become less likely to bounce. Completing a full Spirit Combo attack on a monster causes the gauge to change colour, starting with white, then yellow, and finally to red. Each colour causes attacks to become more powerful, but when not attacking the colour will eventually revert to the previous one and only repeated Spirit Combo finishing attacks can keep the colour gauge full.

Move Multiplier Move Multiplier
Step Overhead Slash 0.26 Spirit Thrust 0.14
Overhead Slash 0.23 Spirit Right Slash 0.3
Thrust 0.14 Spirit Up Slash 0.18
Up Slash 0.18 Spirit Combo – Sweep Left 0.12
Back Step Slash 0.24 Spirit Combo – Sweep Right 0.14
Side Step Slash 0.24 Spirit Combo – Overhead 0.34
Fake Spirit Left Slash 0.16 Spirit Finisher 0.42
Spirit Left Slash 0.28