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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Altheos Gloralis
Damage Type
Weapon Class Multiplier

Lances are long weapons that can strike from a distance and are always accompanied by a large shield which grants a powerful defence against most attacks. They can perform a counter by charging up and then releasing when struck by a monster attack, as well as K.O. a monster with a running shield bash. Although slow and difficult to travel with, the Lance’s damage output can be considerable, and they are unique in that they deal either cutting or impact damage depending on the weakness of the hit-zone they are striking.

Move Multiplier Move Multiplier
Unsheathe Thrust 0.27 Side Sweep 0.2
Mid Thrust 0.2 Guarding Stab 0.14
Final Mid Thrust 0.27 Shield Bash 0.14
High Thrust 0.22 Charge 0.16
Final High Thrust 0.27 Charge Finisher 0.4
Charged High Thrust 0.5