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Hunting Horn

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Lunar Chordmaker
Damage Type
Weapon Class Multiplier

Hunting Horns are similar to the Hammer in that they do impact damage and able to K.O. a monster when they connect with the head. Generally they are weaker than the Hammer, and do less damage per hit, even on those attacks which the two appear to share. What makes the Hunting Horn different from the Hammer, however, is that each ordinary attack creates a coloured note and once a valid combination of notes is achieved, they can be activated by playing the Hunting Horn to give various bonuses to the hunter(s) such as attack and defence boosts, or to mimic items such as the Psychoserum.

Move Multiplier Move Multiplier
Overhead Slam 0.33 Right Swing 0.35
Right Upswing 0.3 Left Swing 0.3
Left Upswing 0.3 Weak Left Upswing 0.25
Hilt Stab 0.1 Weak Backward Slam 0.4
Backward Slam 0.45 Left Slam Spin 0.35
Super Pound – Up Check 0.15 Right Slam Spin 0.4
Super Pound – Slam 0.45 Left 360° Swing 0.33
Up Check 0.2