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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Svarog Starsmasher
Damage Type
Weapon Class Multiplier

Hammers are large, heavy weapons which do impact damage and are capable of dealing vast amounts of damage in a single combo. Their tremendous size only slightly hinders mobility, and hunters are still able to run with them, unlike with the Great Sword and Lance. Hammers also have had the ability to K.O. opponents after hitting a target on the head multiple times. However, remember that Hammers cannot block and cannot cut the tails off monsters.

Move Multiplier Move Multiplier
Uppercut 0.2 Super Pound – Up Check 0.15
First Pound 0.42 Super Pound – Slam 0.76
Second Pound 0.2 Spin Attack – First Spin 0.2
Golf Swing 0.9 Spin Attack – Following Spins 0.1
Side Check 0.15 Reversed Swing 0.6
Side Smash 0.25 Super Golf Swing 0.9
Slided Uppercut 0.4 Spin Tumble 0.4