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Great Sword

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Nether Lufactrus
Damage Type
Weapon Class Multiplier

Great Swords are large, slow weapons, great for hunters who like to anticipate a monster’s movements and time their swings so that they can bring down a powerful attack as the monster moves about the map. This Weapon Class has a charge attack for which there are three levels of charge, and the Level 3 charge is one of the most damaging single attacks in the game. Whilst charging an attack, hunters wielding the Great Sword are harder to knock over with low-damage monster attacks. Also, hitting a monster with the middle of a Great Sword blade, as opposed to the tip or hilt, will give us a damage bonus. Great Swords are also able to block monster attacks, and they have the ability to K.O. monsters with a side-slap attack, then follow up with a slightly more powerful curled charge attack.

Move Multiplier Move Multiplier
Overhead Slash 0.48 Sword Slap 0.18
Charged Overhead Slash Lv1 0.715 Overhead Slam 0.52
Charged Overhead Slash Lv2 0.96 Charged Overhead Slam Lv1 0.792
Charged Overhead Slash Lv3 1.3 Charged Overhead Slam Lv2 1.08
Side Slash 0.36 Charged Overhead Slam Lv3 1.56
Rising Slash 0.46