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Equipment Basics

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Crafting weapons and armours is quite simple in Monster Hunter – all we have to do is visit the Smithy and choose either Weaponcraft or Armorcraft, depending on what we want to do. Creating or upgrading weapons and armours will cost materials gathered from hunting and zeni, the in-game currency. Zeni can be obtained in multiple ways, such as hunting or capturing game, or harvesting crops, minerals, bugs, fish and selling them.

It is a good idea for us to decide what Weapon(s) we want to end up with when we start creating them so that we know what upgrade path we will need to follow and what materials we will need to gather. For example, to make the Great Sword, Usurper’s Storm, we need to pay 32,767 zeni and have collected a number of materials from a High Rank Zinogre. The items for this particular Weapon would be as follows:

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Usurper's Storm
  • 4 × Zinogre Carapace
  • 3 × Zinogre Horn+
  • 4 × Zinogre Shocker+
  • 2 × Zin Electrofur

Now that we know what we need, we can check to see which Quests, if any, would be good for obtaining these items. After having a look at what Quests there are, we can see that the Village 9 Quest, Howl at the Moon looks promising. The drop rates for the items as Quest Rewards are 100% for Zinogre Carapace, 15% for Zinogre Shocker+, and 20% for Zin Electrofur. If we manage to break all of its parts, we have at least a decent chance of obtaining the materials we need in the Break/Capture rewards.

Once we have everything we need for whatever Weapon or Armour we want to create or upgrade, we just need to visit the Smithy and get him to do all the hard work for us. Fortunately, we do not have to have the materials on us in order to create or upgrade the item we want – the Smithy can access our Storage Box, the sneaky little guy! It only takes a moment and then we have a brand new Weapon or Armour that we can show off or go hunting more monsters with. Making good weapons and upgrading to get better weapons is very important because the more damage we can do, the quicker our hunts will be. A quicker hunt means that not only can we go on more hunts in the same amount of time, but there is also less time spent facing each individual dangerous beast.

What about Weapon attacks that cannot be deflected?

The type of Weapon we are using and the different attacks it does may affect whether or not we can successfully hit a monster in a place where the attack would normally bounce off. For example, the Dual blades in Demon mode will ignore Sharpness when a moves such as the Demon Dance are used. The same goes for the Great Sword’s charge 3, the Long Sword’s Spirit Gauge attacks, the Hammer’s Super Pound and Golf Swing, all of the Switch Axe’s Sword Mode attacks, and the Gunlance’s Slam attack. Additionally, the Hunting Horn can buff all attacks, giving them Mind’s Eye, a Skill which prevents attacks from being deflected. However, the double durability loss when hitting a part where the Weapon would normally bounce still applies, even if you use one of these attacks.

Additionally, certain Armour Skills can ensure that all of our Weapon attacks cannot be deflected. For example, there is a Skill Tree named Fencing which gives Mind’s Eye, the Skill I mentioned earlier which prevents attacks from bouncing off.