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There are a lot of different opinions about the difficulty of Monster Hunter. There are those that say the game has artificial difficulty, those that instruct other people that they need about five or more weapons to even get through the game, and those that think the game is broken because they have trouble getting past low-rank on their own, for example. Monster Hunter, if we take a moment to look at it first without jumping right in an expecting to just win, is not an incredibly hard game at all, and I hope that, with the advice I have to give, I can make you feel the same about it as I do – that it is a fun game with a couple of challenges here and there. But first, let us have a look at how we should approach this game to begin with.

Now, if you are just finding out about this game or are still new to it, some of this might not make a whole lot of sense, but regardless of your level of experience, just take a step back for a moment. Remember that this is not an action brawler type of game where we run around and beat everything to a pulp by spamming buttons. It might be classified as a third-person action adventure, role-playing, or action role-playing game, but what does that really mean in the end? None of that tells us that our weapon attacks are slow in comparison to the more fast-paced action types of games, that our moves must be deliberate when we make them, and that progression comes in the form of hunting monsters and collecting their parts to make different types of equipment. We will get nowhere with a game like this if we think the strategy to get through it is to spam the attack buttons, nor will our equipment carry us if we do not learn how to fight properly. Those kinds of attitudes will work for the first big monster, which is a Great Jaggi, but we won’t get much further than that.

If having to learn what your weapon does and how it works, as well as devise strategies and learn about your opponent as you fight sounds like a good idea to you, then we are playing the right game. This is how we become good at Monster Hunter with very little real effort. Of course, we can go more in-depth and start looking at which weapons are better for which situation, but I will save that for later in this guide. Right now, we just want to address a problem that a lot of new players have faced – killing that blasted bird that makes little fiery explosions with its wings.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Qurupeco

This monster is the one and only Qurupeco. It and the later Crimson Qurupeco can be a gigantic pain in the ass, but they are not difficult to kill or capture. The flint stones on their wings are pretty tough, meaning the weapon we picked up at the very start will bounce off them on most attacks. When a weapon bounces off a certain part of a monster, it means that it does less damage and our character has to go through a short animation showing that this has happened. The animation serves another purpose in addition to causing a small delay — attacks in which we bounces off the monster cannot be chained, even into a dodge or roll. However, we can avoid this problem by hitting their other body parts.

Also, the Qurupeco likes calling in other monsters to help it fight, like a huge, angry Deviljho and no one wants to deal with one of those so early on in their monster hunting career. Nevertheless, that is actually just a minor inconvenience if we bring along some dung bombs — an awesome item that smells horrible, but encourages a monster to leave the area if it has been hit by one. Like the dung bomb, there are a lot of items that are extremely useful when fighting monsters and their use, especially later on in the game, is highly encouraged.

Furthermore, if you have not already been practising learning a monsters moves on the earlier ones, like the Great Jaggi and Arzuros, you should start here. We just need to relax and watch the Qurupeco a little bit as we run around and we will notice that he does little things before his actual attacks, like a hop or raising and spitting on his flint stones so he can make fiery explosions when he hits them together. If we know what he is going to do, we can dodge it much more easily and we will find the game to be much easier once we get the hang of it. Why is this so important? Well, the less time we spend on the ground, the more time we can spend doing damage and breaking parts. If you are new and do not know what I am talking about when I say breaking parts, do not worry, we will get to that eventually.