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Charm Tables

Each hunter is given a specific Charm Table when they start the game and this determines what Talismans are available to them. All tables have 21,600 Talismans and there is quite a lot of overlap between the tables, however a small group of ‘Cursed’ Tables (11, 12, 15, 16, and 17) have either 216 or 800 Talismans and are worth avoiding. Regardless, some tables are better suited for one type of hunter than a different type of hunter since this does mean that some Talismans are simply not available in some Charm Tables (especially the ‘Cursed’ Tables). Because of this, if there was one thing I would prefer to be changed about Monster Hunter, this would be it. Sure, we can always ‘Charm Snipe’ to make sure we get a good table, but should we really have to?

Regardless, if you are interested in finding out what Charm Table your current save game is using, try Athena’s Charm Table Search for MH3G and MH3U. It’s easier to find out which table we have by using Talismans that are more rare.