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Light/Heavy Bowgun

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Nether Salvatore Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Stygian Temperantia
Damage Type

Bowguns are ranged weapons that allow you to attack enemies from a distance. Bowguns, while dealing less damage in general than melee weapons, can constantly fire at an enemy no matter where they are. This gives Bowguns great damage capability overall. There are two types of Bowguns, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The Light Bowgun features much greater mobility but is weaker than the Heavy Bowgun. Like its name indicates, the Heavy Bowgun has much greater offensive power, has the capability to block, and can enter into crouch mode where it can unload large quantities of special ammo without needing to reload. All this comes at a movement price. The hunter moves very slowly with a Heavy Bowgun, making escaping enemy attacks difficult if they weren’t already prepared.