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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

If you do not already know what Monster Hunter is, read on. If you already know, skip this section and we will get right into how it works. However, please note that this guide is mainly an attempt at helping those who do not have much experience with the game. If you are already running around killing G-rank monsters without needing more than a couple of potions to heal, you do not need to read this. If the thought of fighting Deviljho in G-rank still scares you or if you are still having trouble collecting the items you need to make or upgrade armour and weapons, then some of the more advanced sections of this guide might be useful. Anyway, let us get to it.

In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, we enter the world as a rookie hunter in Moga Village, a small fishing village in the Monster Hunter world. Shortly after arriving, the village experiences a massive earthquake and the villagers blame it on the fearsome leviathan, Lagiacrus (shown below). Our job as a hunter is to investigate the cause of the earthquakes and, if possible, eliminate the Lagiacrus terrorising the village. It may or may not be the actual monster that is causing the earthquakes, but it does disrupt the fishermen’s ability to go fishing and make a livelihood, so to complete this goal, we must hone our hunting skills by hunting weaker monsters in the area. Doing this allows us to create stronger and stronger equipment by hunting progressively stronger monsters, collecting their parts, and using them in the creation and upgrading of armour and weapons. It does seem a little brutal to hunt monsters, cut them up, and turn them into things with which we will hunt bigger monsters, but as always, this is just a game and does not reflect on what we believe is right or wrong in real life.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Lagiacrus

However, I digress, and the next piece of information for the day is that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is not an entirely linear game. We have the choice to tackle any quest available, as long as we are qualified enough, but some quests are required to progress the story or allow us to unlock further quests. Most quests start and finish the same, however, and there is a specific flow of events once the quest has started and once it has ended. Here is a general breakdown of the process.

  1. We choose the quest we want to do from the Guild’s quest counter. Many quests have a small cost associated with them, which is repaid on the successful completion of the quest.

  2. We depart on the quest by then heading toward the docks in Moga Village or the gate in Tanzia Port, the multi-player area. Once we’ve started a Quest, we can’t go back to our house or change areas, so we have to make sure that we have done all our preparations before taking the Quest.

  3. Depending on the type of quest we have taken, we complete the objective in one of two ways.

    • To complete a quest that requires items to be delivered, collect the items and take them to the red box in the base camp. Once the requested items have been delivered, the quest is complete.
    • To complete a quest where a monster must be defeated or captured, simply capture or defeat the monster. If a quest requires a monster to be defeated, we can still complete the quest by capturing the monster, but if it requires the monster to be captured, killing it will cause us to fail the quest.
  4. After we have fulfilled the quest’s objectives, we are given a short amount of time to carve a defeated monster or otherwise gather items. This is usually sixty seconds for defeating a monster and twenty seconds for capturing or delivering goods.

  5. Once the quest complete message is received, we are taken to the rewards screen where a set of rewards for completing the quest are given. We can choose to collect the items and carry them on our character, send them to our item box, or sell the items right away. If we wait too long without doing anything, the items are automatically sold. In most cases, we should send everything to your item box.

However, be aware that this flow is interrupted if we fail our quest. Luckily there are only three ways to fail a quest and all of them are quite easy to avoid once you get the hang of hunting.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • The reward decreases to 0z: Every time a character’s health completely runs out by reaching zero, the quest’s reward decreases, in most cases by a third of the total reward. Once the reward is decreased to zero, the quest immediately ends in failure.
  • The time expires: In most cases, we are given fifty minutes to complete a quest, although this amount can, at times, be lower. Check the remaining time in a quest by looking at the clock next to the health bar or by checking the quest status screen.
  • The target is defeated: This only applies to quests where we must capture a monster. If we defeat the monster before capturing it, we fail the quest and receive no rewards.

Also, if we feel like we might be at risk of failing a quest, we can abandon the quest and get all the items we have used during the quest back. We will not get our money back or any of the items we picked up during the quest, but if the reason we fear failing is because we are running out of time or have died twice and are still struggling, then it ensures we do not waste any of the healing items we had taken with us.