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Second Seals

Second Seal Second Seal Uses: 1 Cost: 2500 Effect: Reclasses a Level 10 or higher (or promoted) unit to a different class

The Second Seal works in different ways depending on the character’s current class and level. However, one thing that remains true to all units is that any unit, including the Dread Fighter and Bride classes, at max level in any class can “reset” their level back to 1 without a change in stats.

Base Classes

A Base Class unit can use this seal starting at level 10 to change into another Base Class in that character’s class set. However they cannot use this to promote them to an Advanced Class.

A Special Class unit, i.e. one that doesn’t have an Advanced Class to promote into, is treated as a first tier and can use the Second Seal once they reach level 10. At Level 30 they are treated as a second tier class.

Advanced Classes

An Advanced Class unit can use the Second Seal at any level to demote to a Base Class. However, an Advanced Class unit at level 10 or higher can demote into a first tier class or reclass into another Advanced Class.

Where to get Second Seals

Second Seals can be first bought at the Mila Tree after Chapter 16 or, if Olivia or Cordelia have been married before that, as early as Chapter 14 after completing Paralogue 6 or Paralogue 10, respectively. They can also be bought from random Merchants after Chapter 4 is completed if that item is in their stocks.

Method Chapter Location
Armoury Great Gate, Manor of Lost Souls, Mercenary Fortress, The Mila Tree
Drop Chapter 12 Bow Knight
Drop Paralogue 5 Gecko
Drop Paralogue 9 Great Knight
Merchant (Anna) Southtown, West of Ylisstol, The Northroad, The Longfort, Arena Ferox, Border Pass, Ylisstol, Breakneck Pass, Border Sands, Plegia Castle Courtyard, The Midmireā€¢ The Farfort, The Twins’ Turf, Peaceful Village
Renown Award 100 Renown points. However, only one copy can be obtained per save file.
Treasure Chapter 8 Village
Treasure Chapter 15 Village
Treasure Chapter 18 Chest
Treasure Chapter 20 Chest
Treasure Paralogue 12 Chest
Treasure Paralogue 16 Chest