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Master Seals

Master Seal Master Seal Uses: 1 Cost: 2500 Effect: Upgrades a Level 10 or higher unit to a promoted class

When a character is Level 10 or higher in their Base Class, they may use a Master Seal item to upgrade to one of two Advanced Classes.

Where to get Master Seals

Master Seals can be found on various enemies and in shops, regularly available starting Chapter 12.

Method Chapter Location
Armoury Dueling Grounds, Law’s End, Port Ferox, The Ruins of Time
Drop Chapter 10 Thief
Drop Chapter 11 Hero
Drop Chapter 12 Paladin
Drop Chapter 13 ??
Drop Chapter 14 Ignatius
Drop Chapter 15 Farber
Drop Chapter 16 Sniper, Thief
Drop Paralogue 6 Jamil
Drop Paralogue 7 Xalbador
Drop Paralogue 14 Nombry
Drop Paralogue 15 Bow Knight
Drop Harvest Scramble Risen
Merchant (Anna) Arena Ferox, Border Pass, Border Sands, Breakneck Pass, Peaceful Village, Plegia Castle Courtyard, Southtown, The Farfort, The Longfort, The Midmire, The North Road, The Twin’s Turf, West of Ylisstol, Ylisstol
Treasure Chapter 8 Village
Treasure Chapter 17 Chest