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Here are all the items that can be used in battle, outside of battle, or both. Each item has a number of uses after which it is gone. Those that do not have a number of uses (the Bullions), are simply for selling and making some money.

Icon Name Uses Cost Description
All Stats +2 All Stats +2 1 Teaches the All Stats +2 Skill when used
Arms Scroll Arms Scroll 1 2500 Permanently raises all displayed weapon ranks by 1 level
Boots Boots 1 2500 Permanently raises Movement by 2 (cannot be used on the same character twice)
Bullion (L) Bullion (L) 20000 Sells for 10,000G
Bullion (M) Bullion (M) 10000 Sells for 5,000G
Bullion (S) Bullion (S) 2000 Sells for 1,000G
Chest Key Chest Key 1 300 Opens a chest
Concoction Concoction 3 600 Restores 20 HP
Defence Tonic Defence Tonic 1 150 Defence +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Door Key Door Key 1 300 Opens a door
Dracoshield Dracoshield 1 2500 Permanently raises Defence by 2
Dread Scroll Dread Scroll 1 Changes a Level 10 or higher (or any Level if promoted) male unit to the Dread Fighter class
Elixir Elixir 3 900 Restores all HP
Energy Drop Energy Drop 1 2500 Permanently raises Strength by 2
Gaius's Confect Gaius’s Confect 5 2000 Strength, Skill and Speed +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Goddess Icon Goddess Icon 1 2500 Permanently raises Luck by 2
HP Tonic HP Tonic 1 150 Max HP +5 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Iote's Shield Iote’s Shield 1 Teaches the Iote’s Shield Skill when used
Kris's Confect Kris’s Confect 5 1000 Max HP +5, Defence and Resistance +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Limit Breaker Limit Breaker 1 Teaches the Limit Breaker Skill when used
Luck Tonic Luck Tonic 1 150 Luck +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Magic Tonic Magic Tonic 1 150 Magic +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Master Key Master Key 1 500 Opens doors or chests
Master Seal Master Seal 1 2500 Upgrades a Level 10 or higher unit to a promoted class
Naga's Tear Naga’s Tear 1 5000 Permanently raises Max HP by 5 and other stats by 2
Outrealm Item Outrealm Item 1 What a DLC-exclusive item looks like to a player without DLC installed
Paragon Paragon 1 Teaches the Paragon Skill when used
Pure Water Pure Water 3 600 Temporarily increases Resistance by 5 (effect decreases by 1 each Turn)
Reeking Box Reeking Box 1 500 Summons risen soldiers to the world map (costs 4800G on Hard mode and above)
Resistance Tonic Resistance Tonic 1 150 Resistance +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Rift Door Rift Door 1 1000 Summons merchants to the world map
Second Seal Second Seal 1 2500 Reclasses a Level 10 or higher (or promoted) unit to a different class
Secret Book Secret Book 1 2500 Permanently raises Skill by 2
Seed of Trust Seed of Trust 1 1000 Can be used to improve support relationships when paired up
Seraph Robe Seraph Robe 1 2500 Permanently raises HP by 5
Silver Card Silver Card 1 The user can purchase items for half price
Skill Tonic Skill Tonic 1 150 Skill +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Speed Tonic Speed Tonic 1 150 Speed +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Speedwing Speedwing 1 2500 Permanently raises Speed by 2
Spirit Dust Spirit Dust 1 2500 Permanently raises Magic by 2
Strength Tonic Strength Tonic 1 150 Strength +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Supreme Emblem Supreme Emblem 1 Reward for achieving max Renown. Sells for 99,999G
Sweet Tincture Sweet Tincture 3 150 Restores HP
Talisman Talisman 1 2500 Permanently raises Resistance by 2
Tiki's Tear Tiki’s Tear 1 1000 Max HP +5 and all other stats +2 until the chapter/skirmish’s end
Vulnerary Vulnerary 3 300 Restores 10 HP
Wedding Bouquet Wedding Bouquet 1 Changes a Level 10 or higher (or any Level if promoted) female unit to the Bride class