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No. Affiliation Description

A Shieldbearer envoy who came to Grandship from war-torn Eisenberg to ask for aid. We took him with us to Eisenberg.

A 26-year-old man from the Eisen region. A corporal in the Shieldbearers, he is as nimble and dexterous as he appears. He grew up with Datz in a village near the house by the sea, and they both went on to join the Shieldbearers.

Likes: Cheese with holes
Dislikes: Cats, big animals

After the Fire Crystal was awakened and with the civil war between the Shieldbearers and Swordbearers near an end, Grandship began to sink. Zatz and Datz rushed to see the Proprietress, and helped evacuate the people on board. After Grandship became a gigantic airship, Zatz and Datz came on as crew, and have travelled with us ever since.