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Yulyana Region

Here you’ll find information taken from D’s Journal regarding the many different locations you’ll visit during your journey within Luxendarc.

Yulyana Region

No. Description

Yulyana Region: This large peninsula east of the Flor-Cheim Inner Sea and northeast of Ancheim is distinguished by its forest and lake.

Forest and Lake: A small lake lies amid vast woodlands. At its northern edge is a dock along with a lonely old house that looks like it was built into the hollow of a great tree.

Route to Florem: Florem can be reached from Yulyana Woods via a canyon that cuts through Mount Fragmentum. The people of Florem say the old sage uses this route to come to trade.

Yulyana Woods Needleworks: The sage’s home and workshop, built into a tree hollow by the lake. It has space to lodge visitors, and is filled with the sage’s creations.

Vestment Cave: The sage has asked us to fetch rainbow thread from the depths of this mossy cave. It can be reached by proceeding clockwise around the lake from his home.