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Victoria the Arcanist

No. Affiliation Description
Council of Six

A powerful caster adept at death magic and spells that affect the entire field with effects based on BP. She is unrivalled in offensive magic.

A woman of unknown age hailing from Florem. She goes by the name Victoria F. Stein, and is holder of the arcanist asterisk. Despite her infantile looks, she has a viciously cruel personality. She despises the Orthodoxy and the vestals.

Likes: The smell of antiseptic, lollipops, strawberries
Dislikes: The Orthodoxy, vestals

Victoria slipped into Florem together with Victor, and managed to win the Sacred Flower Festival. She followed ust to the hidden village to the west, and slew Olivia just after Agnès was reunited with her old friend. We were helpless against her powerful magic, but the onset of a fit forced her to withdraw.