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Here you’ll find information regarding all the different Undead enemies you can face in the game.

No. Name Description
001 Zombie

This monster is a corpse animated by some dark power, but its sluggish movement keeps it from being a great threat. Its Rake attack, however, should not be taken lightly.

002 Death Pirate

These former pirates, who plundered across the Sea of Corsairs, are now zombies with a Double Damage axe attack that is as powerful as when they still lived.

003 Zombie Knight

These fallen soldiers are now zombies that still use Shield Bash, an attack they trained hard for while alive. A direct hit from it paralyses the body.


005 Wraith

This disembodied spirit of a dead man uses Cure to lower P.Atk and P.Def. It’s best to defeat it quickly before it can do too much damage.

006 Ghost

This disembodied spirit of a dead man who held a terrible grudge uses Fear to strike dread into its foes and Curse to lower P.Atk and P.Def.


008 Bone Knight

These animated skeletons of ancient knights use Mass Attack to attack all at once and Flesh Flayer to instantly halve a foe’s HP.

009 Bone Lancer

An ancient spearman reanimated by a dark power. Keep an eye on your remaining HP, for its Bone Smash is dangerous if your HP is running low.

010 Bone Hunter

An ancient archer reanimated by a dark power. While its attack does not deal much damage, watch out for its Poisoned Shot.