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Tutorial Quests

Here is a list of all the 50 Tutorial Quests you can complete and what reward you receive for completing them.

Name Reward Text
Hunt for Hidden Items! Phoenix Down ×1

Caches of items or money may be found in towns. Caldisla’s innkeep has tucked away 50 pg somewhere in the inn… Finders keepers!

Save on the World Map Wakeup Bell ×1

Did you know you can save from the world map? Try opening your map menu and saving now. Saving efore making a dungeon dive is always a good idea. You can also turn on autosave and stop worrying about it altogether!

View Battle Controls Help Teleport Stone ×1

Have you noticed the “HELP” icon on the bottom screen while entering commands before the start of a turn? Touch it for a list of all the controls! Why not take a peek now?

Change Playback Speed Phoenix Down ×1

You can control the speed of the combat scenes! Use left and right on the +Control Pad while the party or their enemies are acting to switch from 1&times to 2× to 4× speed. You can even pause – how dramatic!

Check It Out! Antidote ×1

Freelancers begin with the “Examine” ability, which allows you to see an enemy’s family information, HP, weaknesses, and more. After you’ve examined an enemy once, you can view its family information and weaknesses any time by moving the Circle Pad left!

Brave for a Quad-Attack Hi-Potion ×1

It doesn’t matter if you save up three BP or go negative by taking them in advance. Brave three times and launch four attacks in a row!

Set Job Commands Echo Herbs ×1

Just changed jobs? Don’t forget to head to “Ability” in the menu and set your job command! You can touch the bottom screen to read more information about each ability as well.

Set Support Abilities Wakeup Bell ×1

Be sure to set support abilities under “Ability” in the menu. The cost limit will increase as you progress through the game, up to a maximum of five.

Acquire Magic Scrolls Echo Herbs ×1

You need a magic scroll before you can use a spell! Pick them up at your friendly neighbourhood magics shop. Just look for the staff icon!

Rearrange Your Party Wakeup Bell ×1

The character shown on the map is the top one listed in the menu. You can change your party’s order under “Tactics” in the menu. Why not try putting Agnès in the lead for now?

Sniff Out Hidden Passages! Ether ×1

Some dungeons hold hidden passages that won’t show up on your map – they’re hidden after all! One such passage lurks in the “Ruins of Centro Keep – 3F.” Hunt it down and grab the treasure chest that lies beyond it!

Shianra’s Note: It’s in the south-eastern most corner of Ruins of Centro Keep – 3F. Try to run through the south wall.

Net Friend Invites Remedy ×1

You can use “Net Friend Invites” once a day by talking to the Adventurer. You can do it with “Update Data,” below “Save.” Once you’re done, just wait till midnight, and you’ll be able to do it again!

Page Through D’s Journal Echo Herbs ×1

There are multiple ways to turn the pages of D’s Journal. You can slide right or left on the bottom screen, or just touch to jump to the next page. The L and R Buttons and the Circle Pad both work, too! Why not practice now by reading up on daggers? You’ll find it in the Encyclopaedia’s “Weapons” section!

Weapons in Both Hands!? Eye Drops ×1

You can equip more than just shields in your left hand. If you use “Attack” with two weapons equipped, you’ll strike twice! Sadly, the power of each weapon will be less than if you were using it alone, but it might still be an improvement!

Heal the Undead! Teleport Stone ×1

Undead monsters can be hurt with healing magic. The next time you’re walking outside Caldisla at night and run into a pack of zombies, give it a try!

Multi-Target Magic Wakeup Bell ×1

Some spells can be cast on everyone at once! The more targets a spell has, the weaker its effect, but it can still be quite handy. Try casting Cure on the entire party via the menu, or in the next battle.

Update Your StreetPass Data

Set Your Encounter Rate

Quick Equip with Optimum

The SP Menu

Wield a Weapon Two-Handed

Summon Your Friends


Additional Support Abilities

Change Your Sent Move

Edit Your Comment

Use a Teleport Stone

Configure Autosave

One-Handed Controls

Rename Your Special Moves

Set Special Move Dialogue

Check Your Combat Bonuses

View Enemy Info in Battle

Engage Auto-battle

Use the Event Viewer

View Detailed Stat Info

Chain Special Moves

Rearrange Your Spells

Send Nemeses

Dowse for Treasure

Stop Time, then Strike!

Revise Commands