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Torso Armour

Here you’ll find information regarding all the torso armour you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Leather Armour 120pg Armour made of tanned animal hides that have been stitched together. Its light weight and affordability make it particularly accessible. It provides some protection against slashing weapons, but it does not have the durability required to protect against piercing or bludgeoning attacks. P.DEF 4; M.DEF 1
002 Bronze Armour 250pg Bronze armour that completely covers half the body, from neck to waist. While it provides decent protection, it is heavy and difficult to move around in due to its primitive design. P.DEF 8; M.DEF 2
003 Iron Armour 500pg Iron armour that covers the entire upper body. It is designed with movement in mind, including chainmail at the joints to make them more flexible. P.DEF 12; ,.DEF 3
004 Mythril Armour 1000pg Extraordinarily beautiful full-body armour that uses layer upon layer of plates forged from mythril produced in Eisenberg. This armour can withstand slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning attacks by exploiting the repulsive force between two separate pieces of mythril steel when subjected to an impact. P.DEF 18; M.DEF 4
005 Yggdrasil Armour 2000pg Wooden armour with charms made of bark from Yggdrasil on the inside of each piece. The use of wood makes this armour light and extraordinarily resilient, able to deflect bludgeoning attacks and other physical impacts. P.DEF 24; M.DEF 6
006 Orichalcum Mail 5000pg Costly armour covered in ultra-thin sheets of orichalcum, a rare metal mined in Eisenberg. Orichalcum is so hard that even thin sheets of it make for armour that is far stronger and lighter than that made of steel. P.DEF 30; M.DEF 7
011 Hempen Tunic 20pg Thick garb made from hemp fibre. It is tough and features good breathability, but it does not hold up very well in melee combat. P.DEF 2
012 Kenpo Gi 100pg A padded vest for practising the martial arts the martial arts. It is loose and light, allowing the martial artist to move freely. Patchwork is applied at crucial points to reinforce the garment, making it exceedingly durable. [Effect when equipped: +Agility, +Evasion] P.DEF 3; M.DEF 1; Evade 5
013 Linen Cuirass 80pg Miraculous linen armour that is as strong as armour made of metal thanks to the power of magic runes that are sewn throughout the inside surface. It is powerful enough to block most attacks by lesser monsters. P.DEF 4; M.DEF 1
014 Silk Robe 350pg A loose-fitting robe woven from luxurious silk. It is light and conducive to mental focus, but not recommended for combat-type jobs, as it provides about as much protection as not wearing anything at all. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack] M.ATK 2; P.DEF 8; M.DEF 2
015 Brigandine 600pg Lightweight armour made from small metal plates that have been woven onto a thick, sturdy fabric. It offers some protection from slashing weapons, but almost none against bludgeoning and piercing attacks. P.DEF 9; M.DEF 2
016 Bronze Breastplate 400pg A thick bronze breastplate that completely covers the torso. It protects the chest and shoulders from slashing attacks, and it also provides some defence against piercing weapons, but it is extremely heavy and difficult to move in. P.DEF 10; M.DEF 2
017 Tabby Suit 700pg A cat costume completely covered in animal fur. The long, thick fur completely blocks attacks by poisonous fangs and claws. [Effect when equipped; +Magic attack, Nullify poison] M.ATK 2; P.DEF 13; M.DEF 3; Poison Immunity
018 Mythril Plate 850pg A breastplate forged by stalwart armour craftsmen from plates of mythril forged in Eisenberg. All who look upon it find its beautiful ornamentation quite sublime. P.DEF 14; M.DEF 3
019 Rainbow Dress 1800pg This dress, which shines with all the colours of the rainbow, was made by an armour craftsman in Norende Village. It heightens mental focus and provides powerful resistance to confusion. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack, Nullify confuse] M.ATK 3; P.DEF 14; M.DEF 3; Confuse Immunity
020 Floral Robe 1500pg A robe made from the woven petals of flowers that bloom in Florem. The flowers are picked using a special technique that allows them to keep blooming indefinitely or until they are physically destroyed. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack] M.ATK 3; P.DEF 17; M.DEF 4
021 Mirage Vest 1600pg A vest woven from a special fibre that constantly scatters light in all directions. It causes a mirage-like effect that makes it easier to evade enemy attacks. [Effect when equipped: +Evasion] P.DEF 19; M.DEF 5; Evade 20
022 Black Robe A mystic robe made of mythril steel thread stretched as thin as it can be and then interwoven with jet-black silk. It is said to heighten its wearer’s intelligence and amplify magic attack power. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack, +Intelligence] M.ATK 4; P.DEF 20; M.DEF 5
023 Power Sash A mysterious sash from the land of Wa, an island nation that vanished centuries ago. It was used to tie loose sleeves so they would not be a hindrance in battle. It bestows demon-like strength when tied in a special manner. [Effect when equipped: +Strength] P.DEF 22; M.DEF 5
024 White Robe 4000pg A mystic robe made of mythril steel thread stretched as thin as it can be and then interwoven with bright white silk. It is said to heighten its wearer’s mind and amplify magic recovery. [Effect when equipped: +Magic attack, +Mind]
025 Viking Coat 3000pg A coat said to be favoured by pirates, sailors, and other hard men of the sea. It is sturdy enough to withstand constant exposure to wind and rain, lashings from tempests, and complete inundation by waves during long voyages. P.DEF 24; M.DEF 6
027 Star Corslet Stage wear into which the spirit of successive generations of performers has been woven into the lining. It has the effect of sweeping away pre-performance jitters and making performers think back to their hope-and-dream-filled debut. [Effect when equipped: +HP] HP. 100; P.DEF 26; M.DEF 6