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Tiz Arrior

The sole survivor from Norende Village

A kind-hearted 19-year-old with a strong sense of justice. After his home village of Norende is swallowed by the Great Chasm, Tiz is offered refuge by Caldisla. As the sole survivor of the tragedy, Tiz is more than willing to join Agnès on her quest and has vowed to rebuild Norende.

No. Affiliation Description
002 The Miracle

A young man, and sole survivor of the Great Chasm. After waking, he had a fateful encounter with the wind vestal, Agnès.

A nineteen-year-old boy from Norende. A simple and honest soul, he has a gentle and amiable demeanour that him well-liked. He acts as a mediator between friends, and often ends up with a lot on his plate (for which I am partly responsible).

Likes: Hot home cooking, seafood
Dislikes: Gaudy baubles, crowds

Hearing that the Eternian Sky Knights planned to attack the town unless they handed over the vestal, Agnès secretly decided to give herself up to save the people. Tiz sensed Agnès‘s resolve, and offered to accompany her as a guide. He managed to keep her safe, and defeated the Monk and White Mage!

I asked to accompany the Wind Vestal to the ruins of Centro Keep to the north of town, where they intended to confront the Black Mage Ominas Crowe. When I revealed that their names and purpose were written in my journal, and told them I wished to meet the girl there, the vestal grew suspicious. She would have left me behind if Tiz had not intervened.

We clashed with the black mage Ominas Crowe deep within the ruins of Centro Keep. Shocked that Ominas would use his magic indiscriminately, Edea declared she would side with us against him, despite us being the enemy. This flustered Tiz, but I welcomed her aboard, and together we trounced that fiend Ominas.

I now know why Tiz is so protective of Egil. Egil must remind him of his brother, who was swallowed by the Great Chasm… We have already spoken several times about his trouble sleeping. After pledging to work together to ensure that Egil came to no harm, we hurried off toward the mythril mine.

Tiz may have been rash to leap in alone to save Egil, but Agnès was just as reckless to catch them as they fell… We laughed together at Tiz’s folly and Agnès’s good timing. Things have been tense between us since Florem, but I feel as if the air has now been cleared.