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Time Mage Khamer

No. Affiliation Description
K&P Merchantry

Sympathetic to the cause of Anticrystalism, he uses his position to aid the duchy, such as by giving the Merchantry control of the water supply/

A 57-year-old man who was born in Ancheim. He is keeper of the time mage asterisk. He was made an honorary partner in the Merchantry due to his royal position and cooperation with the duchy. However, he has no actual say in the business.

Likes: Automation, heavy industry
Dislikes: Politics, critics, vestals, the unwashed masses

Sneaking into the palace in the dead of night, we found the king of Ancheim talking to spell fencer Ciggma Khint. It seems he gave the water rights to the Merchantry to impoverish the people and turn them against the vestal. Though his aim was to spread the Anticrystalism supported by the duchy, the appearance of the wind vestal foiled all his plans.

People’s faith in the vestal continued to rise, and having lost all standing, the king began to fantasise about killing the vestal and stealing the crystal. Revealing himself to be Time Mage Khamer after Agnès appeared, he attacked us together with the spell fencer, Ciggma Khint. Upon their defeat, the king continued to spout selfish drivel until he expired.