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Swordmaster Kamiizumi

No. Affiliation Description
Black Blades Leader

A master of all forms of swordplay. He taught Edea, and gifted her his favourite blade for her first campaign.

A 45-year-old man from Eternia. His full name is Nobutsuna Kamiizumi, and he holds the swordmaster asterisk. He is known far and wide as a formidable warrior and a great leader.

Likes: Bitter tea, sweet bean soup
Dislikes: Cowardice, all forms of alcohol

We left the house by the sea, and Datz led us toward the Eisen Bridge where the Shieldbearers have their headquarters. Then, the swordmaster attacked us out of nowhere. It appears we ran into his force by chance while they were on another mission. After exchanging a few words with Edea, he withdrew hastily to save the Swordbearer troops from being routed.

As we investigated Grapp Keep at the Shieldbearers’ request, we overheard the swordmaster and Qada talking. We learned that the master sample of a toxic weapon was kept there, its use forbidden by the swordmaster. We also heard that Qada had used to toxin against the swordmaster’s wishes, polluting the land for three years. We took the sample and headed back.

After awakening the Fire Crystal, we headed to the Swordbearers’ lair at Starkfort, but their commander had already escaped by airship. The swordmaster told Edea his story in hushed tones. Unable to see eye to eye, a battle ensued. The swordmaster succumbed after a deadly struggle, but not before imploring Edea to speak to her father.