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Here you’ll find information regarding all the swords you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Broadsword 70pg A sword mass-produced by a simple manufacturing method that integrates the blade, guard, and hilt. Its simple, broad blade is designed to be easily wielded, even by weaker individuals. It is a popular weapon for self defence thanks to its adequate length and ease of use. P.ATK 3; Aim 90
002 Long Sword 500pg An iron-forged, mass-produced sword that has proven itself on the battlefield as the standard weapon of issue for troops from many different lands. The blades available to the common folk, however, tend to be dulled, and leave something to be desired for a seasoned swordsman. P.ATK 12; Aim 90
003 Mythril Sword 1000pg A sword forged by a famous sword-maker using Eisenberg-mined mythril ore smelted at an extremely high temperature. While the blade length is on the short side due to mythril being so precious, it is far sharper than iron swords. P.ATK 18; Aim 90
004 Scimitar 2000pg A slender, curved sword believed to have originated in the Harena region. This cruel weapon is well suited for carving chunks off an enemy with each swing of its beautifully bowed blade. This makes it the favoured weapon of brigands and pirates. P.ATK 24; Aim 90
005 Sleep Blade A slender sword made from a special metal that emits a sleep-inducing agent when it reacts to blood or body heat. It was originally intended for self-defence, but production was halted after these swords started falling into the wrong hands. [Attack: Sleep (low)] P.ATK 27; Aim 90
006 Defender 5000pg A thick sword made for both high attack power and ease of defence. Simply equipping it slightly raises defence. This makes it an effective weapon for raising the defence of those ill suited for using shields. [Effect when equipped: +Physical defence] P.ATK 27; Aim 90; P.DEF 10
007 Ice Brand A sword forged from a rare metal as cold as ice that is mined from the Eternian permafrost. It adds a water effect to slash attack, making it highly prized for eradicating monsters susceptible to water and ice. Element Water; P.ATK 23; Aim 90
008 Zweihander A large steel sword bearing a name that means “two-handed sword” in the language of Eisenberg. Thanks to its length and weight, this weapon is more often used in bold attacks seeking to crush the bones of enemies rather than simply slashing them. P.ATK 35; Aim 90
009 Flametongue A sword imbued with the power of fire by the extended tempering of its mythril steel blade in Eisenberg’s magma. Its beautiful blade seems to ripple like fire, but as soon as it is swung, it bursts into flame, allowing its wielder to deal a fire effect with each slash. Element Fire; P.ATK 36; Aim 90