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Here you’ll find information regarding all the staves you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Staff 10pg A staff made from a branch imbued with spirit power. It raises mind and boosts the user’s magic attack and healing magic. Staves add a power modifier when attacking multiple foes at once. [Effect when equipped: +Mind] P.ATK 2; Aim 90
002 Mythril Staff 600pg A staff crowned with a large piece of mythril that has been refined using a special technique. The mythril’s magic power dramatically raises mind. [Effect when equipped: +Mind] P.ATK 11; Aim 90
003 Jade Croiser 1200pg A staff crowned with a ring of jade imbued with Spirit Power. It is said to have been carried by priests from an island nation that vanished from the pages of history centuries ago. [Effect when equipped: +Mind] P.ATK 15; Aim 90
008 Sage’s Staff 1500pg A miraculous staff that a great sage long ago is said to have imbued with the power to resurrect the dead. Raising it up and chanting bestows the raise effect on a single target. [Effect when equipped: +Mind] [Effect when used: Raise]P.ATK 16; Aim 90
009 Oaken Pole 250pg A quarterstaff made from the branch of a hardwood tree. This long, unrefined bludgeoning weapon does not deliver any added effects, such as increased Spirit Power. It makes a good weapon for monks well-versed in its use and for white mages who want to participate in combat while conserving MP. P.ATK 13; Aim 90
010 Simian Staff 300pg A quarterstaff fashioned to resemble a legendary weapon said to have been used by the Monkey King. It does not lengthen and contract at will as told of in legends, but it is an unexpectedly effective weapon. [Effect when equipped: +Modifier when attacking multiple targets] P.ATK 11; Aim 90
011 Iron Pole 3000pg An incredibly heavy yet flexible quarterstaff made from a bundle of steel rods, wrapped in several layers of thin steel sheets. This long bludgeoning weapon is strong enough to easily snap an ordinary sword in two. P.ATK 34; Aim 90