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Unlocked when is defeated.


Support Ability

Level Ability Name Description
2 Auto-Shell

Automatically cast Shell on self at the start of battle.

3 M.Defense 20% Up

Raise Magic Defense by 20%.

6 Save WM MP

White Magic costs 25% less MP.

9 Holy One

Increases the effects of recovery magic by 250%, but decreases Physical Attack by 25%.

14 Maximise HP

Maximum HP doubles only during battle.

Job Command:

Level Ability Name Description
1 Spirit Ward

Negates elemental damage to selected ally for 4 turns.

4 Fairy’s Aid

Boost the target’s elemental attacks to deal 1.5 times normal damage for five turns.

5 Convert BP

Increase user’s BP by 2.

7 Adaptation

The selected ally absorbs all elemental damage for four turns.

8 Stillness

Neither enemies nor allies suffer damage for 2 turns.

10 Greater Spirit Ward

All elemental damage to all allies is halved for four turns.

11 Fairy Ward

Negate negative statuses on all allies for 5 turns.

12 Moderation

Increase 1 BP for all targets with -1 BP or less, decrease 1 BP for all targets with 1 BP or more.

13 Enigma

Nullify all elemental damage taken by all allies for four turns.

Stat Affinities

HP Str Vit MP Int Mnd Dex Agi

Arms Aptitude

Swords Axes Spears Rods Staves
Daggers Bows Katana Knuckles

Armour Aptitude

Shields Helms Armour