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Here you’ll find information regarding all the spears you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Spear A simple weapon consisting of a sharp metal point at the end of a long shaft. Spears and other polearms like them add a power modifier when attacking multiple foes at once. P.ATK 4; Aim 90; Critical 2
002 Myhtril Spear 900pg A spear with a sharp tip and blades underneath. It was forged by a master smith from mythril steel mined in Eisenberg. Though its beautiful shape often results in this weapon being put on ceremonial display, it makes for a powerful weapon with deadly potential on the battlefield. P.ATK 17; Aim 90; Critical 2
003 Valkyrie Halberd 1850pg A winged spear-fashioned after those wielded by mythical women warriors. THough designed by a famous weapon designer of Florem, critics call it difficult to use. It truly shines when used in jumping attacks, but only a chosen few can draw upon its full potential.
004 Halberd 4500pg A polearm with a small axe blade below its spearhead, and opposite that, a bladed hook, enabling the weapon to be used for slashing, thrusting, striking, and hooking. Even today, where soldiers are heavily armoured and cannon use has spread throughout the lands, halberds are a common weapon of many armies. P.ATK 27; Aim 90; Critical 2
005 Glaive A polearm believed to have originated when some sort of blade or knife was affixed to the end of a long shaft. Refined through the ages, it came to resemble a large, bladed spear tip that even neophytes of the battlefield could wield with deadly effect. p.ATK 29; Aim 90; Critical 2
006 Trident The legendary three-pronged spear believed to have been wielded by the sea god in the mythical age before the advent of Crystalism. Its three-pronged tip is imbued with the power of lightning, allowing it to add a lightning effect to each attack. Element Lightning; P.ATK 30; Aim 90; Critical 2
008 Lü Bu’s Spear 8000pg The crescent, halberd-like weapon favoured by Lü Bu, the legendary “Flying General” and great warrior who rode a crimson steed capable of travelling a thousand leagues a day. P.ATK 35; Aim 90; Critical 2