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Shieldbearer Officer Savish Neuer

No. Affiliation Description
Shieldbearer Officer

A high-ranking member of the Shieldbearers serving under Commander Daniel Goodman. She was caught up in an incident after receiving an invitation to a banquet from the wind vestal. She has yet to deny rumours that she and the commander are more than just colleagues.

Agnès spoke with Officer Steiner, who suspects that fellow Shieldbearer Officer Neuer is the culprit. He thinks Officer Neuer has feelings for Commander Goodman and is plotting to kill his wife…

Agnès spoke with Officer Neuer, who seems to think that Officer Steiner is plotting to kill Commander Goodman to take over command of the Shieldbearers.

After her colleague Officer Steiner was killed, Officer Neuer became hysterical. Then the lights went out suddenly, and when they cam on again, Officer Neuer lay slain!