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Here you’ll find information regarding all the shields you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Buckler 50pg A small, simple shield used in melee combat. It is commonly made from wood or leather and has an iron hand guard at the centre. In addition to blocking blows, it can be thrust out at opponents. P.DEF 5; M.DEF 3; Evade 20
002 Round Shield 300pg A large shield made of tough leather stretched over a round frame. The hard metal rivets attached to it can cause the tips of enemy swords to snap off when they get stuck in the wood. P.DEF 9; M.DEF 5; Evade 21
003 Mythril Shield 600pg A beautiful shield made from overlapping sheets of mythril steel from Eisenberg. This latest in shield design exploits the tremendous repulsive force that two separate pieces of mythril steel have when subjected to an impact. P.DEF 14; M.DEF 7; Evade 25
004 Cross Shield 1000pg A large, oval-shaped shield. It is adorned on the top, bottom, right, and left with crystal runes, and covered with a silver coating. This type of shield has been adopted by the knightly orders of many lands that defend the Crystal Orthodoxy. P.DEF 18; M.DEF 9; Evade 24
005 Spiked Shield A shield designed to inflict maximum injury on attackers. It is surrounded by spiked blades and has a big metal spike in the centre. Small, spike-shaped rivets are arranged around the central spike. [Effect when equipped: +Strength] P.DEF 20; M.DEF 10; Evade 23
006 Blessed Shield 4000pg A shield that blesses the victorious in battle. It is adorned with so much ornamentation that it does not seem practical as a shield. The glowing gemstone at the centre in imbued with curative powers that heal targets when the shield is raised and a special chant is spoken. [Effect when used: Cura] P.DEF 23; M.DEF 12; Evade 30
007 Large Shield An immense shield of tough wood reinforced with steel mesh for added strength. It is meant mainly for defending against arrow and spear volleys. Its large size makes it impractical for melee combat. P.DEF 24; M.DEF 12; Evade 22
008 Iceflame Shield A miraculous large shield that combines both fire and water resistance. A true gem, made by a temple armourer by placing more than thirty fire and water charms between thin metal plates, and then adding further ornamentation designed to block fire and water. [Effect when equipped: Nullify Water, Nullify Fire] P.DEF 24; M.DEF 12; Evade 27; Nullify Water, Nullify Fire
013 Bloody Shield 5000pg A large, demon-faced shield found in a fortress of a clan that suffered a bitter end after being betrayed. The blood and malice of the clan has sunk in deep and cannot be washed away. It dramatically raises Defence, but in exchange, it markedly lowers Evasion. P.DEF 45; M.DEF 23; Evade -100