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Sage Yulyana

No. Affiliation Description
The Old Tailor

A tailor living in Yulyana Woods who we asked to make the vestal garb we need to awaken the crystals. An easygoing, good-natured fellow.

It seems the vestal herself had to gather the rainbow thread for her vestal garb. Following the sage’s instructions, we faced a number of challenges – even a dragon. After we retrieved the rainbow thread, the sage worked through the night to fashion it into the vestal garb. I hear the sage and Agnès spokes in hushed tones until dawn.

Agnès decided to take part in the Sacred Flower Festival. While researching the best apparel to wear, we heard word of a perverted old merchant, which we soon realised referred to Sage Yulyana. The sage had a costume that would assure her victory, but Tiz poured cold water on the idea, much to the chagrin of the sage and me.