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River Parts Shop

Here you’ll find how long each level takes to unlock by default (using one villager), what parts each shop provides, and what their effects are (although the information the game provides is somewhat limited).

For background information on each of the parts available, you might want to visit the Special Moves section.

Item Cost Effect/Stats.
Level 1: 1hr 00min
Beast Slaying Adds a Beast Slaying effect.
Cure Poison Adds a Cure Poison effect.
Poison Res Up
Level 2: 2hr 30min
Plant Slaying Adds a Plant Slaying effect.
Cure Blind Adds a Cure Blind effect.
Blind Res Up
Level 3: 4hr 00min
Aquatic Slaying Adds an Aquatic Slaying effect.
Cure Silence Adds a Cure Silence effect.
Silence Res Up
Level 4: 8hr 00min
Insect Slaying Adds an Insect Slaying effect.
Cure Sleep Adds a Cure Sleep effect.
Sleep Res Up
Level 5: 15hr 00min
Flier Slaying Adds a Flier Slaying effect.
Cure Paralyse Adds a Cure Paralyse effect.
Paralyse Res Up
Level 6: 26hr 00min
Undead Slaying Adds an Undead Slaying effect.
Cure Dread Adds a Cure Dread effect.
Dread Res Up
Level 7: 42hr 00min
Demon Slaying Adds a Demon Slaying effect.
Cure Berserk Adds a Cure Berserk effect.
Berserk Res Up
Level 8: 52hr 00min
Dragon Slaying Adds a Dragon Slaying effect.
Cure Stop Adds a Cure Stop effect.
Stop Res Up
Level 9: 81hr 00min
Crit Rate Up
Cure Confuse Adds a Cure Confuse effect.
Confuse Res Up
Level 10: 99hr 00min
Cure K.O.
Cure Charm Adds a Cure Charm effect.
Charm Res Up
Level 11: 99hr 00min
Silver Glaive