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A roaming playboy with a missing memory

Though he casually claims to be travelling the world to woo maidens, Ringabel is actually on a journey to reclaim his memory. He possesses D’s Journal: a book that has successfully prophesised his every destination, and even the names of his fellow travellers.

No. Affiliation Description

Though my memory is gone, this name seems engraved upon my mind somehow. A tattered journal is my sole remaining possession. Who am I?

A man of unkown age, currently experiencing amnesia. Clearly a man of high morals. Taciturn and reflective, I believe I am a gentleman well-liked by all.

Likes: Spicy things, juicy things
Dislikes: Sweet things

Who am I? I’ve been asking around town the past few days, but I am met by blank stares or laughter. Women simply turn tail with furrowed brow. Why am I here? At night I visit this cottage. I feel a sense of nostalgia here. I wonder about that gaunt man, and the girl glaring at him with daggers in her eyes…

Agnès is the wind vestal. I never heard that from anyone. I seem to have known it for a long time. I’ve seen her around town in the company of Tiz the past few days.

According to this journal, they are about to set off on an epic journey to close the Great Chasm. Once they reach the black mage’s keep, they are sure to run into that girl. I must see her…

After going to the ruins of Centro Keep in pursuit of the Black Mage Ominas Crowe, who set the town on fire, a quarrel ensued. The girl Edea finally lost her temper with the gaunt man, who cast his magic on foe and ally alike. She asked us to help her dispatch him, and we agreed, as that had been our goal all along. Thus, our journey together began.

After defeating the Knight Heinkel, the airship suddenly lurched downward. There was no one to take the helm! Then I remembered the journal… I asked Edea the name of the airship, but as I spoke, I already knew the answer. The Eschalot! This ship and I have a history. I grabbed the wheel, and brought it under control.

To relieve my churning stomach, I looked out across the Flor-Cheim Inner Sea from the pier. After retrieving a pretty shell I had spotted, I returned to find Agnès nursing Tiz on the bridge. They said that moments after I left, a man in dark armour had burst in…

I can’t believe it! The sage and I were on the verge of convincing her, but our plan was ruined by that spoilsport from Norende! To think we could have seen Agnès‘s sensuous form wrapped in the bravo bikini at the Sacred Flower Festival… You and that naive smile of yours don’t know what you’re missing!

In Florem I was addressed by a middle-aged man accompanied by a woman. He spouted some nonsense about a double date and his technique, then vanished into the night. Though he didn’t say it outright, I feel like my manliness has been brought into question! I asked Edea what he had meant about technique, but she just gave me a cold stare.

Edea wore the bravo bikini, and who should take the bait but the red mage Fiore DeRosa, head of the Bloodrose Legion! We tracked DeRosa to his underground laboratory, and foiled the scheme he was planning for Florem. I’ll make more notes later.

Datz led us to Hartschild, town of the Shieldbearers. After meeting the wife of Commander Goodman, I caught a glimpse of a slender woman of great beauty! I asked her name, but perhaps too shy, she did not answer. She fled, and I pursued her. In a corner of town she caught me off guard with a sharp whack, and gave me the slip. Talk about playing hard to get!

The ground fell out from beneath Egil’s feet! We could not grab him in time, and though Tiz rushed to save him, they both fell toward the lava below… Then Agnès hurtled out from the cliff and caught them both! We hauled them up, and shared a relieved laugh when it was clear no harm had been done, aside from the mud on our faces.

Grandship had stopped sinking. It seems it will not founder after all. While wandering about in the council hall, I found a switch glowing with a faint light. Curiousity got the better of me, and I flicked it on impulsively. What a shock it was to learn that Grandship could fly…
(A BIG shock! –Edea)