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Qada the Salve-Maker

No. Affiliation Description
Black Blades

Three years ago he developed a toxic weapon and used it in battle, against the swordmaster’s orders. He is now tasked with the clean-up.

A 46-year-old man who hails from Eternia. His name is Qada, and he holds the salve-maker asterisk. He is quick to forget his own mistakes and obligations, but holds on to grudges and clings to his meagre achievements.

Likes: Experiments, research, praise
Dislikes: Patience, strict superiors

Qada is responsible for the civil war in Eisenberg dragging on so long. He used a forbidden toxic weapon out of cowardice, slaughtering 100,000 Shieldbearer and Swordbearer soldiers. The area became an uninhabitable wasteland for over three years. Much to his chagrin, he was ordered to clean up the mess and treat the wounded soldiers.

In a room in the Swordbearers’ lair of Starkfort, we found Qada cursing his fate. He still held dark ambitions to develop new toxins and use them as weapons. We charged in and defeated him.