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The Proprietress

No. Affiliation Description

The good-natured proprietress of the Drunken Pig tavern on Grandship. She has watched out for us since we decided to take Zatz to Eisenberg.

Her name and age are not known, but she has proven her pluck many times over. Zatz and Datz have apparently frequented her tavern for years. She is a whiz in the kitchen, serving up everything from Tiz’s favourite Caldisla cuisine, to the vegetarian dishes that Agnès favours.

She was wholly unperturbed by the panic surrounding the sinking Grandship, and caused Datz much grief when she refused to evacuate. She opted to stay on at the Drunken Pig even after Grandship became a gigantic airship when orichalcum was cast into its engine. She has been cooking up tasty treats for us ever since.