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Profiteur, Merchant of Death

No. Affiliation Description
Chairman of K&P

The Merchant of Death who used his monopoly on water to raise prices, then used the Jackal to attack people forced to go to the oasis.

A 44-year-old man from Ancheim. His name is Erutus Profiteur, and he holds the merchant asterisk. He would do anything for money. He willingly earns scorn and enmity, and thinks nothing of betraying trust and friendship for gain.

Likes: Money, profit, corruption
Dislikes: Justice, purity, long meetings

At the Merchantry building, we thrust the orders we found at the thieves’ hideout under Profiteur’s nose. He then showed his true colours, and came at us with the mysterious swordsman that had joined the Jackal. After a deadly struggle, we came out on top. The avaricious merchant was abandoned by his hired bodyguard in the end, and met a pitiful death.

On Profiteur’s desk we found some mysterious unsigned papers.