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Prime Minister Harena

No. Affiliation Description
Prime Minister

An honest man left to govern Ancheim by the king. He was understanding and kind toward Agnès, and offered advice and support.

A 39-year-old man from the Harena region. His keen mind worked behind the scenes to bring the kingdom back from the brink of exhaustion. He is descended from the Harena dynasty, which preceded the current one.

Likes: Sand baths, pickles
Dislikes: Foolish royal despots

We told Prime Minister Harena that the king of Ancheim, who plotted to expel the vestal, was actually the slain time mage, Khamer of the duchy. We asked what would become of Ancheim, and he told us he would take the helm, but eventually the power would shift to the people. He wished us luck on our travels, and told the vestal he eagerly awaited her return.