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Praline, Diva of the Battlefield

No. Affiliation Description
Black Blades

Stationed at Eisen Bridge, where the Shieldbearers and Swordbearers are locked in battle. She uses song to bolster her fan club.

A 17-year-old girl from Florem. She goes by the name Praline à la Mode, and carries the performer asterisk. She is a battlefield diva, and tends to adlib her way through life without thinking too much.

Likes: Cheering, throat lozenges
Dislikes: Boring people, fresh cream

On the trail of a legendary bard, we visited the pupils he had taught, who were scattered around the world. The Shieldbearer soldiers remembered the secrets to singing that Arca Pellar had left behind. They drowned out Praline’s song with their chorus, defeating her. She discarded her microphone, saying she would return to being a normal girl.