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Here you’ll find information regarding all the different Plant enemies you can face in the game.

No. Name Description
001 Alraune

A strange, anthropomorphic flower that walks on roots. Its Paralysing Pollen attack renders victims immobile. This is quite dangerous if they attack en masse.

002 Mandragora

The dreaded monstrous form of the common Eternian radish. They attack en masse, using Poisonous Pollen to damage and poison their foes.


004 Myconid

This monstrous mushroom prefers dank, dark places, such as the forest floor. Be careful when striking it, for its Spore attack may cause another myconid to grow.

005 Fungus

This ghastly, monstrous mushroom is purplish red. When hit with a physical attack, it uses Chaos Spore to release confusion-causing spores.


007 Treant

Created when a spirit possesses a dead tree, this monster uses Lullaby to put its foes to sleep and then slowly stabs them to death with its pointy branches.

008 Dryad

This monstrous yet bewitching tree uses Sweet Scent to charm people. It also has a creepy ability known as Moan, which lowers the P.Def of its foes.