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Olivia Oblige

No. Affiliation Description
The Water Vestal

She is in hiding, pursued by the Bloodrose Legion. After the Sacred Flower Festival, she told Agnès to come to a village in the west.

A twenty-year-old girl from Florem. Born the same year as Agnès, they became vestalings around the same period, and were both made vestals within a short space of times when their predecessors perished.

Likes: Noodles, jelly
Dislikes: Roses

The water vestal Olivia was constantly on the run in Florem due to the suppression of Crystalism by the Bloodrose Legion. She had also recently learned that the fire vestal had perished. Just as Olivia and Agnès pledged to join forces to dispel the spreading evil, the arcanist Victoria unleashed an orb of darkness at them both.

Olivia took the full force of the attack, shielding Agnès. Victoria and Victor then battered us with their magic, and came close to defeating us, but they withdrew after Victoria suffered a seizure. Olivia was beyond saving, and with her dying breath she entreated Agnès to awaken the Water Crystal.