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Here you’ll find the contents of the various notes that are filed under Notes > Notes taken from D’s Journal. Click on one of the notes to jump down to its entry on the same page.

Mephilia’s Memo

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9/06, EC 10

I’ve finally acquired the summoner asterisk! No thanks to the old lech’s advice, mind. “Feel it, don’t think it,” “Every summon is like the summoner’s own child”… Utterly useless. And then, after giving me Girtablulu, he has the nerve to say I’m on my own for the rest!? Honestly!


Temple held in wind and sand’s embrace.

Ziusudra’s Sin
Foot of the mountain sundered by the holy war.

Promethian Fire
Temple bathed in searing flame.

Deus Ex
Ancient tower of prayer, buried in viscera wrought by man.

A crescent moon upon the frozen sea.

7/12, EC 12

“If Susano-o’s the biggest challenge, I’ll find him for you.” Those were his words, sweet man. I’ll have to hurry and find the others. It seems I’ll share my next post with both my sisters. Between Einheria’s spear, Artemia’s bow, and my summons, the Venus sisters will be unstoppable!

??, EC 16

I can’t remember the date. Can’t begin to care. This garden. This beautiful garden is being sullied so magnificently. Thanks to us. To our mission. Ha ha ha, the ship you sailed west has been lost. Missing, they say. Fools. Liars. Ha ha ha. I can’t remember my own sister’s face now. Can’t remember yours. My Suleiman…

A thousand-eyed beast that lurks within the street lamps at twilight. Eclipses the blood-red sky with its massive form as it deals a crushing blow.
Earned by defeating Summoner Mephilia.

A great, ebon eagle that sunders the dark clouds above, the beating of its vast wings cutting down foes upon the earth
Earned from the anchorite of wind within the Temple of Wind.

Ziusudra’s Sin
A goddes of ice, risen from the depths of the frozen sea. Harbinger of a blizzard that leaves no life remaining.
Earned from the anchorite of water atop Mount Fragmentum.

Promethian Fire
A land dragon swathed in hellfire that stalks the blood-stained lands of night. Its roar is searing flame, loosed from a steely maw split wide.
Earned from the anchorite of fire within the Temple of Fire.

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The Red Reports

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The below is excerpted from the so-called “Red Reports,” thought to be penned by DeRosa:

-Secularising Florem-
After receiving operating funds from Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry, my solo infiltration of Florem began. I’ve completed my survey of the area.

Red Report, Entry #2:
I have Artemia hunting down woodland orochi, the giant serpents native to the area. Ingredient A can be extracted from their corpses, which also produce an enzyme that promotes decomposition. In large quantities, it will transform eastern Florem’s woods – a target of worship – into a rotten waste.

Red Report, Entry #3:
Mephilia holds the western gardens, and has begun exterminating the sprites known as Flories, another object of worship. This yields ingredient B, and serves to keep locals away, undermining their nature-worship. Female soldiers will adopt disguises and leak cheap goods containing ingredients A and B into the market.

Red Report, Entry #4:
A mix of donations and bribes to local Orthodoxy officials has brought us considerable control over the Sacred Flower Festival. Beginning next year, selection of the Flower Maiden will be opened to the public, and decided by popular vote. A substantial cash prize will also be awarded, further disrupting the balance of Florem’s wealth.

Red Report, Entry #5:
After three years’ work, the Orthodoxy has been completely driven out of the Flower Maiden’s selection. Elsewhere, Einheria leads our forces within Florem in persecuting the faithful, crushing one hideaway after the next. Efforts to gut the local Orthodoxy presence will be redoubled until the water vestal is driven into hiding.

Red Report, Entry #6:
Our underground base within Florem is complete, and experiments to extract ingredient C have succeeded. Combination with ingredient A has yielded compound X; the turning of Florem’s people away from the Orthodoxy approaches its climax. Elsewhere, ingredients A and B are still selling like mad, regardless of price hikes.

Red Report, Entry #7:
That downer Khint refused to come aboard our plan to plunder Eternia. We’ll have Profiteur deal with him, and strike the Orthodoxy treasury as planned. We’ll incite the hostages to matrydom in order to furnish a scapegoat, Qada will ready every compound he can, and the fools will all die where they stand…

Shianra’s Note: This text is written backwards in the journal.

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Sleeping Council Minutes

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I found some old minutes from the Sleeping Council. Seems they snoozed from the start…

Orthodox Calendar, Year One:
Debate began over whether to send an emissary to celebrate the selection of the Orthodoxy’s first Grand Patriarch. (18 months later. upon his demise, the debate became whether to send someone to mourn him.)

Orthodox Calendar, Year Three:
The request to send forces into Eternia to quell its rebellion against the Patriarch arrived last year. Debate as to whether that entailed the sending of actual combat troops or merely supplies continued for eight months. As the rebellion has died down as of the present date, so too has the aforementioned debate.

Orthodox Calendar, Year 892:
Following Engineering’s report on the soler operational engine’s complete cessation of function, debate began over what impact (if any) this loss of mobility bears upon the nation. Fifteen months later, a consensus emerged: because Grandship has ever been quasi-moored, this new development poses no problem. The issue is tabled permanently.

Orthodox Calendar, Year 1734:
A study done over the last six years claims a full forty percent of Grandship’s population now sit on the Council, with the members’ mean age double the average life expectancy. Deliberations over the coming months will decide whether that number is to be lowered to thirty-eight percent over the next nine years, or…

Orthodox Calendar, Year 2401:
With Grandship’s sinking imminent, a measure to evacuate all Councilmen to surrounding nations was raised and passed unanimously. A new motion to commandeer the two finest lifeboats among the 300 vessels in Hangar 89 for exclusive Council use is currently under expedited vote.

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Captain’s Log

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Day 96 of the search:
This marks the last patch of sea west of Ancheim to be explored… It’s been near a hundred days since we found what remains our only clue.

Day 148 of the search:
The waters south of Caldisla, east of Eisenberg, and now most of the Sea of Corsairs can be scratched off the list as well…

Day 824 of the search:
Susano-o eludes me still. Two years, my promise to Mephilia has gone unfulfilled…

Day 1329 of the search:
More blood in my handkerchief this morning… I fear I haven’t long. Dearest Mephilia, the Sea of Corsairs is w…

Day 2 after taking up the search:
I found the Funky Francisca becalmed. I boarded her, and saw Suleiman… Shiver it, man, why didn’t you tell me? But if his log says this Susano-o is in the Sea of COrsairs, I’ll find it. Just wait, old friend! I’ll lay your soul to rest!

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