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Konoe the Ninja

No. Affiliation Description
Black Blades

An assassin who leads the Black Blades’ covert force. There are rumours that she became an expert at disguise due to her paralysing shyness.

A 21-year-old woman from Eternia. Her full name is Konoe Kikyo, and she carries the ninja asterisk. When no disguised she stays silent, but in costume she speaks in a rapid torrents of words.

Likes: Make-up, collecting materials for her disguises
Dislikes: The fat feeb (Qada)

At a Shieldbearer banquet, Kikyo dressed herself up as the corpse of a dead servant, intending to murder the key Shieldbearers present. We happened to be there, and used our powers of deduction to uncover her plot. She attacked, and we were forced to defeat her. She was the one who rebuffed me before, so she must have been planning this for quite some time.