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Here you’ll find information regarding all the knuckles you can find in the game.

No. Item Cost Description Stats
001 Iron Knuckles 280pg An iron weapon worn on the hand to make punches more deadly. Its extremely short reach makes this a poor choice for anyone who has not yet mastered hand-to-hand combat. P.ATK 14; Aim 90; Critical 3
002 Thumbing Claws This knuckle guard has claws that move with the snap of the wrist to gouge the target’s eyes. [Attack: Blind (medium)] P.ATK 17; Aim 90; Critical 3
003 Mythril Knuckles 500pg Knuckles forged from mythril steel mined in Eisenberg. The guard portion and spikes are forged separately to exploit the tremendous repulsive force between two separate pieces of mythril steel when subjected to an impact. P.ATK 21; Aim 90; Critical 3
004 Spiked Knuckles 1200pg Sharp steel spiked attached to a thick steel knuckle guard. The spikes extend the reach over plain knuckles and deliver substantial damage to opponents. This weapon can easily break knives and other smaller weapons. P.ATK 34; Aim 90; Critical 3
005 Bastet Claws 600pg Named after the feline goddess Bastet, it looks exactly like a cat’s paw. This exceptional weapon deals special damage to beasts and is popular among certain collectors. P.ATK 23; Aim 90; Critical 3
006 Hammer Knuckles Heavy knuckles completely encased in a thick lead and steel cover. Its sturdy construction allows it to deal major damage, even through armour, and stop a blow from a large axe. P.ATK 46; Aim 90; Critical 3