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“A well-rounded warrior with excellent offence and defence! High physical defence. Favours swords, shields, and armour.”

Unlocked when Heinkel the Knight is defeated.

Specialty: Protect Ally

Protect allies whose HP is critically low by taking damage on their behalf.

Note: You may notice that this class gains a Support Ability that is the same as their class’s Specialty. This is so that if you change your character’s class to something else, you can still give them the ability via the customisable Support Abilities on the Ability page.

Support Ability

Level Ability Name Description
2 Two-Handed

Doubles a weapon’s Physical Attack when swords/axes/spears/staves/katanas are held in both hands. (One hand must be free before this will take effect.)

3 P.Defence 10% Up

Raise Physical Defence by 10%.

5 Protect Ally

If an ally with less than 20% of HP left takes a single-target attack, you will take the attack instead.

7 Shield Lore

Raise armour aptitude for shields to S.

9 Sword Lore

Raise arms aptitude for swords to S.

11 Dual Shields

Can equip a shield in both hands. Can no longer use Fight in order to concentrate on defense.

12 P.Defense 30% Up

Physical defence increases by 30%.

13 Chivalrous Spirit

Raise Physical Defence by 25% for five turns each time Protect ally, Full Cover, or White Knight is used.

Job Command: Chivalry

Level Ability Name Description
1 Stomp

Deal damage 1.25 times that of a conventional attack. However, your physical defence and magic defence will decree by 25% for two turns.

The lower limit for P.Def and M.Def is 75%.

4 Ironclad

Start at the beginning of a turn to raise your physical defence to the maximum level for the entire turn.

The upper limit for P.Def is 150%.

6 Shield Strike

Deal the same damage as a conventional attack and for tow turns, raise your physical defence by 25%. Available only when equipping a shield.

The upper limit for P.Def is 150%.

8 Vengeance

Unleash a physical attack on all enemies. The more of your allies are in the K.O. state, the more powerful your attack will be.

0 K.O. allies: 0.75 × conventional attack
1 K.O. allies: 1.5 × conventional attack
2 K.O. allies: 2 × conventional attack
3 K.O. allies: 2.5 × conventional attack

10 Full Cover

During the entire turn this is used, when the specified ally takes a single-target physical attack, you will take the hit instead, but only suffer half the damage.

14 Super Charge

Make an attack based off physical defence at 200% strength.

Stat Affinities

HP Str Vit MP Int Mnd Dex Agi

Arms Aptitude

Swords Axes Spears Rods Staves
Daggers Bows Katana Knuckles

Armour Aptitude

Shields Helms Armour